Alex Hinkley

Alex is 30 years old and lives in Western New York. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Niagara University (minor in Philosophy) and a Certification in Security Management and Homeland Security from The University of Massachusetts Lowell. He is also professionally certified in Statement Analysis. Despite his education in the field of Criminal Justice, Alex instead chose to pursue a writing career and became a video game and sports journalist out of college. He has worked as a video games journalist since 2009. As of January 2016, his online content has been viewed over 30.6 million times.

Alex Hinkley Alex has always loved fiction writing and dreams of one day becoming a famous novelist. He has published two books (non-fiction) based on his experience in the video game industry: Nerd Psychology in 2015 and Creating an Online Roleplaying Game in 2010. Alex also runs the most successful play-by-post DBZ RPG ever made, aptly named Alex's DBZ RPG. Alex is the founder and CEO of indie game developer Penguin Run Games. He is also a Design Consultant on Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, Co-Producer on J.U.L.I.A Enhanced Edition for PC, and Associate Producer on DreadOut for PC.

Alex's inspiration for writing came from Stephen King's series The Dark Tower and he remains an avid fan of King. His favorite book is Wizard and Glass. Alex's favorite movie is Training Day.

Follow Alex on Twitter @Xander756.


Be sure to check out Alex's latest book, Nerd Psychology on Amazon in paperback.

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